10 Great Old School Games

Today, I put aside my collection of the latest PC games, my PS3, and my Xbox 360, and instead, I sat down to play Xcom; UFO Defense.

It’s been over 10 years since I have last played this game, and with the exception of the graphics, the game has aged well. But playing Xcom again, and loosing at it horribly, made me remember all those games that I used to play, games that at one time I loved more than anything, but that I now no longer even think about.

So in tribute to those great games of yesteryear, I present to you a list of my ten favorite games that are over a decade old.

Xcom: UFO Defense. 1994

You fight aliens, but that doesn’t even begin to describe this game. You build bases, hire soldiers, you research captured alien tech, you shoot down alien ships, you protect major cities. Xcom’s tactical turned based combat is still some of the best ever.

Civilization. 1991

The game that started an empire. Civ1 is a classic 4X game, and one that everyone should try playing. Whether you’re aiming to conquer the world, or just trying to build up your own nation to win with a passive victory, Civ1 offers hundred of different ways to play.

Pokemon Red+Blue. 1998

Pokemon is one of those rare things that occupy a specific niche in culture, but somehow everyone still knows of it, and has at least some concept of it. Pokemon is an addictive, run jrpg, and it’s definitely worth looking into.

Super Mario 64. 1996

Super Mario 64 ushered in the Nintendo 64, and it was also one of the first truly 3d games. With an emphasis on exploration instead of linear game play, Super Mario made great strides in video game development.

Dungeon Keeper. 1997

Instead of leading heroes through a dungeon, you build the dungeon and fill it with monsters to kill said heroes. Genius!

StarCraft. 1998

There are professional teams for this game, actual tournaments where people go and earn a living playing a game on a scale I can even comprehend. Despite the popularity of the multplayer end of things, the campaign was fun and had a great story.

Final Fantasy VII. 1997

For me, this was my first Rpg. It took me a while to get into it, since I had no idea what I was doing, but when I muscled through the learning curve, what awaited me was an amazing epic story. I admit, I teared up a little when Aerith gets killed.

Final Fantasy VIII. 1999

The second entry for Final Fantasy, and like the last, FF VIII is an excellent game in every sense. FF VII told an epic tail, but FF VIII’s is a more personal story. And on the game play side, the GF and Junctioning system were a welcome departure from the norm.

Triple Triad. 1999

An oddity on this list, since it isn’t a true video game itself, instead, Triple Triad is a card trading mini game from within FF VIII. Triple Triad is an amazingly addictive game, taking up almost as much of my time as FF VII itself did. The best part? The cards can be converted into items.

Majesty: the Fantasy Kingdom Sim. 2000

A rts where you don’t get to micro manage? Insanity. But that’s just what Majesty did. Instead of controlling your units the traditional way, you had to offer bribes. Sometimes it was infuriating, but mostly it was just fun.

Because 10 is never enough. One more.

The Sims. 2000
A black hole that devours free time. The Sims is a game that lets you live another life, only at higher speeds, and, it also happens to be a more interesting one. With seven expansions for it, the Sims is a game that can keep you entertained for hours.

Well, there you have it, my list of the top ten games over a decade old. Of these games, each and every one has gone to have sequels that were usually just as good.

For a gamer looking to try something new, without spending an arm and a leg, most of these games can still be purchased for under $20. So go on, give them a try.