Best Back Scratchers

Best Back Scratchers

Why is it that the part of your body that always seems to get the itchiest is also the one that’s hardest to reach? An itchy back is extremely common and extremely frustrating, which is why it’s so important to have a good back scratchers on hand for those times when an itch is driving you crazy.

To help you rid yourself of those annoying itches with ease, we’ve put together a list of the 5 best back scratchers available right now. Each option will get the job done, so you can’t go wrong. However, some feature amusing designs, handy massage elements or collapsible capabilities for maximum portability.

This is the ultimate Buyer’s guide to the Best back scratchers and most important is that, In picking this back scratchers, we have considered a lot of factors like quality, features, product price and many more so you can not go wrong with your product purchase.

We’ve researched extensively, and we’ve come up with the best back scratchers that we are confident you’ll be interested in looking at.

Back scratchers prices

Back scratcher prices vary depending on the length and material. In general, you can expect to pay between $1 and $20 for a back scratcher.

  • Inexpensive: Plastic back scratchers are typically the least expensive option, ranging from $1 to $5.
  • Mid-range: Wooden back scratchers range from $6 to $11, depending on length.
  • Expensive: Metal back scratchers range from $7 to $20, depending on length and whether they fold or telescope.

5 Best Back Scratchers in 2021:

1. The Bulldog

The Bulldog

This scratcher is the best of the best and the glowing customer reviews will agree. What sets this design apart is the wide, curve head which offers 4x more coverage than other options – making it easy to find and satisfy that itch!

The scratcher features a unique bristle array that is specially tuned to maximize skin stimulation. It mimics the human hand and the bristles are soft yet effective.

The scratcher has a solid 20-inch handle that is crafted from American beech wood. This wood is durable and does not splinter to ensure it is safe to use. Although smooth, it still gives your hands excellent grip for easy scratching.

  • Engineered for pleasure
  • Unique bristle design
  • Nylon bristles
  • Mimics the human hand
  • 20-inch long handle
  • Safe and hygienic

2. Rirether Back Scratcher Itch Relief Tool

Here is another fine pick of a back scratcher that you may consider for better itch relief. The product has a simple ergonomic design, which makes it easier to scratch the back. To add more, it features a long ergonomic handle that telescopes to reach all parts you need to scratch your back with a lot of ease. Moreover, this tool is crafted from the best quality of metal and covered in plastic material for a sure grip.

This back scratcher has an ergonomic claw that isn’t too sharp to give optimum relief. It also has a sleek compact design for easy portability and convenient storage. This tool is a great gift option for loved ones on special days. The lightweight makes it a breeze to hold when scratching thus a product you never want to miss.

  • Premium quality metal construction
  • Lightweight durable back scratcher
  • Compact sleek design
  • 9 to 18-inches telescoping handle
  • A thoughtful practical gift idea

3. LaifugoCS-14 Long Back Scratchers

LaifugoCS-14 Long Back Scratchers

This is a one of a kind back scratcher with a unique design. The scratcher has a wooden design. It is extra long so the length is not a hindrance when you want to get every tricky spot on your body. Moreover, along with the function of a scratcher, it doubles as a massager. The other end of the scratcher has four ergonomic rolling balls. These balls are used to massage your body for complete comfort.

Moreover, the material used for the product is plastic. This means, there is no threat of getting infected from metal pieces. As a matter of fact, since the plastic is of premium quality, the product proves to be long-lasting and durable. The product is as appealing to your body as it is to your eyes.

  • Elegant patented ergonomic design
  • Quality high-impact ABS plastic material built
  • Skin-friendly rubber sprays matte black
  • Premium stainless steel joining pins
  • 3-inches wider scratching head

4. Bearback Back & Body Scratcher

Bearback Back & Body Scratcher

Cheap back scratchers fall apart soon and pose a danger to your skin with their rough finishing and poor quality making material. The Bearback back and body scracher is a worthy solution for its high quality, thoughtful design, quality construction and introducing blissful sensation to your skin. No wonder, many people prefer this Bearback scratcher to other brands. The head or the scratcher part sizes 4.5 inches, which suits your skin and gives itch relief.

Firm and pliable bristles on Bearback head allow you exerting pressure to your satisfaction without costing harm to your skin. The creative and patented design feels and looks good because of the foldable handle, right weight, and non-slip handle added by suitable length. Besides, its curvature Bearback tool an ideal tool for your largest itchy organ, i.e., skin. Top of the list, Bearback back and body scratchers carry a replacement warranty.

  • Curved handle to reach the whole back
  • Non-slip handle
  • 17” unfolded length
  • Folds for travel
  • 9” when folded

5. Bear Claw Telescopic

The retractable back scratcher comes in a bear claw design that ensures effective scratching with a gentle rub. It has a sturdy metal construction to ensure it withstands regular use and resists rusting, bending or breaking. It has great scratching power while ensuring it is gentle enough on your skin.

This retractable back scratcher extends from 8.5 inches to 22.5 inches. When fully extended, it is long enough to reach any part of your body. When retracted, it is compact enough to pack in your bag and have it ready when you need it.

It is recommended for its cushioned handle that has an excellent grip and the retractable design that makes it easy to carry.

  • Soft grip handle
  • Bear claw end
  • Metal construction
  • Retractable design
  • Comes in four colors

Types of back scratchers

Back scratchers are available in a wide range of materials. Primarily, they are a manual tool. These are back scratchers at their simplest. They are self-powered and there’s no need for batteries, cords, or a power source. Easy, right?

In fact, because there’s no power needed, these manual back scratchers are preferred by those who travel often. They are able to take them anywhere from a backpacking trip to jetting around the world.

You’ll most often find them constructed from the following materials:

  • Bamboo – a renewable, sturdy grass
  • Hardwoods – attractive, rugged, often used for the most unique back scratchers
  • Metal – stainless steel is the rust-free number one choice, and telescoping options are always convenient
  • Resin or plastic – the lightest weight, most often for travel purposes, but sometimes are decorative.

Back scratchers features to consider

  • Material: Back scratchers are usually made of plastic, wood, or metal. All three materials can be effective, so choosing an option usually comes down to a matter of personal preference.
  • Length: In order for your back scratcher to be as comfortable and effective as possible to use, it should be long enough to enable you to reach your entire back without having to put too much stress on your wrist, elbow, or shoulder.
  • Head width and “finger” length: The head of the back scratcher, the end with the “fingers,” is the portion that actually does the scratching, so it needs to be an adequate size to effectively relieve the itch.
  • Durability: To make sure that it performs well, the head of the back scratcher should be firmly connected to the shaft. One-piece back scratchers tend to be the best option. If the edge is threaded or glued onto the shaft, it’s more likely to break off over time.
  • Portability: If you’re prone to an itchy back, you might prefer a back scratcher that you can easily take with you. You can find collapsible back scratchers that fold or telescope down to a more compact size for storage and travel.


When choosing back scratchers, it is essential to consider the different types. There are retractable ones, compact ones and the standard ones. If you are looking for one that you can carry around, then compact or retractable designs would work best for you.