Best Keyboards for iPad

As more features are added to the Apple iPad and iPad Pro, making them nearly as capable as a full computer, many of us use them as our primary portable devices for getting work done. However, typing on a touchscreen can be rather frustrating. We’ve tested some of the best keyboards for ipads available, and […]

Best Graphing Calculators

For complicated math equations and problems, the best graphing calculator is the way to go. There’s no better, or more reliable, way to tackle statistics, algebra or trigonometry problems than with one of these, not to mention that they’re also an ideal miniature portable for engineering. At some point, a math student will be required […]

Best 5G Phones

The best 5G phones are ready to take advantage of the 5G networks that have been expanding across the country since 2019. With Apple’s first 5G phones now widely available and Samsung adding new Galaxy phones to the mix, 5G seems more real than ever. That may change over the next two years, though. The […]

10 Great Old School Games

Today, I put aside my collection of the latest PC games, my PS3, and my Xbox 360, and instead, I sat down to play Xcom; UFO Defense. It’s been over 10 years since I have last played this game, and with the exception of the graphics, the game has aged well. But playing Xcom again, […]