New Parents: Baby Gate for Stairs with a Banister

Safety comes first in any household with babies, which is why we’ve taken the time to look at some extra wide gates and other assorted baby proofing equipment on this website.

This article in particular will be looking at some options for stairs, because virtually every home these days has a second floor. If this is your situation, you’ll need to look for baby gates with room for a banister, because not all models are designed for the same situation.

Regalo Top Of Stairs Expandable Metal Gate, With Mounting Kit

This is a great safety gate for the top of your stairs, as the sturdy design and metal frame is constructed for extensive use.

After feeling the construction quality, you’ll be quickly reassured that this will prevent any falls or mishaps from your child. It installs quickly and easily for even the least skilled person, and you don’t need to damage your existing woodwork to install it.

At 26″ to 42″ wide and 30.5″ tall, this should fit most openings without much trouble.

As an added bonus, not only does this keep function as a perfectly good toddler gate, but it also prevents pets from going up and down the stairs as well (if you want that).

I remember when my son started moving around for the first time. The feeling of excitement and joy was quickly replaced with the realization that when I put this little guy down, there was a good chance that he wouldn’t be exactly where I left him when I got back.

You get into habits like just putting him down on the couch or bed, and running out to the bathroom. Habits are difficult to break. So a couple times you do it and they flip over or wiggle around and if you’re lucky, nothing happens but you get a little scared.

In my case, he flipped over and off the bed and onto the carpet (our mattress is sitting on the floor so this was only a drop of a few inches). Still, it’s not something you want to put them through.

As they get older, flipping over is replaced with wiggling around and then eventually crawling.

My little guy started by kind of writhing around and moving backwards. He never went in the direction he wanted to go but he could finally move, which was a big deal for him at the time.

Fast forward another month and he’s crawling all over the house, and if you haven’t baby-proofed the heck out of everything then you’re in for a panicked run to your nearest baby store.

After you’ve secured all the outlets and put soft bumpers on the table, make sure that you grab some baby gates for any stairwells in your home as well.

Now as you know very well, now all stairways are as accommodating to a gate, especially if you’ve got a big banister in the way.

So what you’ll need to do is look specifically for a baby gate for stairs with a banister, as they are specially designed to work in that situation.