New Parents: Get a Baby Gate With a Cat Door

As any parent knows, safety comes first and one of the biggest hazards in your house is lurking in the form of your stairs.

Obviously you can’t get rid of your stairs, substituting them for an elevator, so what’s a realistic parent to do?

If you’re busy baby proofing then you want to pick up some baby safety gates, since you have no idea at what point that little thing is going to start crawling around and need some definite boundaries.

Wouldn’t want them to take a tumble down a flight of stairs, would you?

No of course not!

And it’s not just stairs that are the main worry, you want to make sure they don’t roam around freely from room to room. You’ve baby-proofed one room but you haven’t fixed them all, so it’s a lot easier to just restrict them to the ones that are safe.

Now if you’ve got pets at home, this adds an entirely new dimension of worries to your purchase. Your cat probably would prefer to continue roaming around freely from room to room, and adding barriers like extra wide baby gates will only make their lives difficult for no reason.

What you need is a baby gate with a cat door, and luckily a lot of manufacturers have prepared for this exact situation.

Without too much trouble, you should be able to baby-proof your home while still keeping Mr. Whiskers happy and strolling around like he owns the place.

Carlson 0930PW Extra-Wide Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door, White

If you’ve got a pet and odds are if you’re reading this, you do, then you simply can’t live without the Carlson Extra-Wide Baby Gate with a cat door.

It’s the perfect and convenient way to baby proof your house, while simultaneously not interrupting your pet’s daily life. It’s completely and totally chew proof, unless your cat can chew through solid stainless steel, and the pressure mount system makes it quick and easy to install.

No more fiddling with screws and other fixtures, this baby gate installs quickly, making it ideal for setting up without hassle.

The extra extensions give you some range in case you’ve got an extra wide opening, and the easy one-touch release handle makes it as easy for adults to pass through as it is for pets.

Although its really easy to overlook a simple design, it really can’t be stressed enough just how simple and easy it is to use.

This was specifically engineered to use with one handle, making walking through a snap. This doesn’t sound like much, but as you pass by a dozen times a day or more, you’ll start to appreciate tiny details like this.

The bottom line is if you have cats in your home, you’ll definitely want to pick up a baby gate with a cat door, just as a courtesy to your feline friends.

They want to come and go as they please, and normal gates restrict their freedom and really make them unhappy.

Don’t make your little buddy a prisoner in their own home, give them a little escape hate. That baby gate with a cat door will make a world of difference for your cat, keeping them happy and healthy in the home.